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How to add a domain

To create a new domain with TrafficAnalysis click on the key icon.

Next type in your domain.

You can add a name and an icon to your profile.

Afterwards select your language and your country.

You need to link Google Analytics if you want to get data from Google Analytics or Webmaster tools.

Click on “link new account”.

After that click on “save and close” and you will see this landing page.

Here you can accept TrafficAnalysis to view your Google Analytics data.

Back in TrafficAnalysis you can click on your profile and return to the domain settings.

Now you can select your Google Analytics profile.

To import keywords from Google Webmaster tools, you have to go to the Google Webmasters website.

Click on “manage site”, “add or remove users”.

Click on add a new user and type in the email address

Make sure that the permission is restricted.

Back in TrafficAnalysis you can click on “save and close” and reopen the domain settings.

Now you’re able to select your Webmaster tool profile.

Optionally you could activate SEMRush and Searchmetrics.

Finally you can “click on save and close”.

Now you have to wait a few hours until you see your data.

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